Spring Cleaning Soul Deep

Last year around this time, the House of Chi took on the challenge of matching their Spiritual Clearing with their much needed Spring Cleaning for their homes. The idea of posting pics of before and after in our group HOC brought forth a lot of growth in some very deep places of the hearts of hundreds of our men and women. As I reflect on the Social Distancing of today during these devastating times of mass cleansing due to the wrath of the Corona Virus, I am filled with a sense of closeness within the family that we have grown over the last 18 months. 

We have seen each other lose loved ones and receive the blessings of new life. We have seen each other reach personal milestones like completing school, building new homes, creating new businesses, and opening up to the power of Self Love all in the name of the Spiritual Journey. I am so proud to be a part of this strong family of dedicated adults in 2020 continuing to do the hardest work on the planet.

Now in the face of this wild fire attack on our health and our human need to connect in traditional ways, I want to take a moment to lighten your hearts with a collective cheers to the mass creativity COVID-19 has stirred within us to find a way to SHINE our Light on the world and leave you with a quick checklist to help you get your home squeaky clean ...there's nowhere else to go anyway!